Monday, December 26, 2011

Winter Break Pains

So I'm at my parents for the break and decided to finish up the line work for my drawings and get them uploaded here. I'm done the base designs for the birds, but the puma is causing some issues. Almost done though. One more drawing necessary to clean up all the changes I've made.

Main issue: My BB takes horrible pictures of the work so unless I want to deal with emailing myself 20 pictures from my phone, the updates will need to wait.

Mercifully, I'm returning to Toronto on the 28th. In two days I'll be able to properly display my progress. Hopefully I'll also fully understand the new layout of Blogger by then too.

Additionally, I've changed the name of this blog because I really do destroy all the fairy tales we're given to work on.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fritz and Merlin

It took a while for me to find out the breeds of tropical bird I wanted to use for this project.

There are two birds at PJ's Pets in Square One mall that have quite the little personalities. One is named Fritz and is my shameless lover. Should he remain unpurchased into the summer I have every intention of buying the little darling. I would have done it sooner, but my current landlords don't allow pets and he's nearly $2k to purchase. As it works out Fritz is a Jardine Parrot. He wasn't the tough one to find.

Merlin was sold this week. I swear, you teach a bird how to say "Hello" and they're out the door. The little guy was crass, loud, destructive, violent and obnoxious. However, after him being there for so long the qualities became endearing if not amusing. After literally 30 minutes of looking through parrot breed lists on Google I figured out his type. A Burrowing Parrot, more specifically a Patagonian Conure. As one site put it, owning one of these birds " very similar to owning dogs with wings. "

In case you haven't already guessed, I'm basing my Hansel and Gretel characters on these birds. I plan my witch to be some sort of Tiki/Voodoo witch doctor leopard/puma character.




Look at their wittle faces :3